Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

As a destination for travelers worldwide, the 2011 version of Busch Gardens in Tampa is quite different from the 1959 version. Today, Busch Gardens encompasses 335 acres of modern day theme park rides, exhibits, shows, and conveniences. With seven roller coasters and three water rides, there is plenty to occupy the time of the thrill seekers, while animal lovers will have more than enough exotic animals to marvel over. Visitors in early 2011 will find it hard not to notice a new roller coaster currently under construction. Set to open in May of 2011 is Cheetah Hunt, which will be a 3 ½ minute thrill ride traversing through much of the park. The popular African Themed Animal Theme Park has evolved from its early days as a hospitality facility for the adjacent Anheuser-Busch Brewery, and had no admission fee. Eventually, as the brewery closed down, and times changed, more attractions and exhibits were added, as well as admission fees, and the park has become the destination for over 4 million people from around the world. If you’re planning a visit to Busch Gardens, get there early, and expect a full day of rides and exhibits. Hop on SheiKra for the 90 degree drops, slip from one end of the park to another aboard the steam engine propelled Serengeti Express, or cool down on a hot day riding the Stanley Falls log flume. There is something for all ages at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay!!

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