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If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, a quaint little town with not much going on, South Beach… is not it!! This southern section of world famous Miami Beach is a mecca for shopping, dining, people watching, and excitement in general. Relaxation is certainly possible, by the hotel pool or at the beach during the day, but you will be compelled to maybe do some parasailing or jet skiing, take a sightseeing tour of Art Deco hotels or Star Island, shop and eat along Lincoln Rd. or Washington Ave., rollerblade, jog or walk along the beautiful beachside boardwalk, or people watch along Ocean Drive. If the club scene is your thing, make sure to plan ahead. There are more than 150 clubs and bars in South Beach, but many can be pricey and difficult to gain entrance to, if you don’t have some sort of connection. For shopping and dining, make your way over to Lincoln Rd., South Beach’s popular open air, pedestrian only, shopping area. With restaurant seating outside where the roadway once was, lunch or dinner here makes for an ideal spot to eat and people watch. Ocean Drive features many of the hotels, restaurants and street scenes used in marketing worldwide, can be seen in many television shows and movies, and is the site of the famous Versace mansion. With daytime temperatures averaging in the 70’s, South Beach is the perfect winter escape from your everyday life.

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Times Square in New York is traditionally thought of as the ultimate New Year’s Eve party, but because of the normally warm weather, there are many New Year’s Eve parties to consider in the Sunshine State. Here are just a few of the bigger parties to consider this year or in the future:

  • Orlando – Downtown comes alive with the annual Orange Ball Drop, fireworks and parties at all the bars along Church Street!!
  • Jacksonville – The New Year’s Eve celebration in Jax includes the Gator Bowl Parade and fireworks at midnight in the water off Jacksonville Landing!!
  • Cocoa Beach – The annual Party at the Pier celebration takes place at the world famous Cocoa Beach Pier with live music and entertainment at all 5 of the Pier restaurants!!
  • Miami Beach – Ocean Drive is officially renamed Orange Drive for the festivities leading up to the Orange Bowl game. New Year’s Eve in South Beach will feature celebrities hosting parties in many of the nightclubs, as well as the “Jam on the Sand” event if you’re not into the club scene!!
  • St. Petersburg – First Night is an annual extravaganza in its 16th year, taking place at several locations throughout St. Pete, featuring family friendly events including tours, live entertainment, and fireworks at midnight!!

So if you’re in Florida on vacation for the holidays, or a Florida resident looking for something to do New Year’s Eve, this should give you some guidelines for where some of the biggest parties will be happening!!

Mystery surrounds this small attraction just off US1 between Miami and Homestead. Latvian immigrant Ed Leedskalnin is said to have carved and assembled the tons of coral rock forming the walls, tower, and interior pieces of the castle and garden singlehandedly, using only primitive hand tools. He went to great lengths to ensure that no one observed him working, and most often worked at night, with only lanterns to provide light. Leedskalnin began his creation around 1920 in Florida City, but seeking more privacy, in 1936 he moved north to Homestead, and spent the next 3 years transporting the original coral pieces the 10 miles to his new home, where he continued what is said to have been a tribute to a lost love. Only 5′ tall and 100 lbs., Ed would work all night and conduct tours during the day for visitors paying the 10 cent admission fee. The engineering feats of some of the creations are astonishing, including a 9 ton gate that could originally be turned by a child, and amazingly rotated within a quarter inch of it’s surrounding walls. There are conflicting theories of how and if one man could create such a monumental structure alone, but you can draw your own conclusions as you tour this South Florida treasure.IMG_0414 - Copy IMG_0425 - Copy IMG_0426 - Copy IMG_0427 - Copy IMG_0430 - Copy  IMG_0436 - Copy IMG_0437 - Copy IMG_0438 - Copy IMG_0443 - Copy  IMG_6827 - Copy IMG_6828 - Copy IMG_6829 - Copy IMG_6840 - Copy IMG_6850 - Copy   IMG_6825 - CopyIMG_6853 - CopyIMG_6854 - CopyIMG_6858 - Copy IMG_0431 - Copy


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